Manila Cathedral


Friends of the Manila Cathedral launched

HIS EMINENCE Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales, D.D., Archbishop of Manila, officiated the holy mass for the formal launch of the Friends of Manila Cathedral last August 26, 2009, 5:30 in the afternoon at North Forbes Park Pavilion, Makati City.

Cardinal Rosales was joined in concelebration by Rev. Msgr. Nestor C. Cerbo, the Manila Cathedral Basilica (MCB) Rector, Rev. Fr. Joel E. Sulse, OFM and Rev. Fr. Alvin Paras, OFM, Sanctuario de San Anto¬nio Parish Priest and Asst. Parish Priest respectively and Fr. Jay Lina, Museum Director of Malolos Diocese.

A short program followed to further explain the trust of the Friends of the Manila Cathedral. Mrs. Syquia gave the welcome remarks and it was followed by Msgr. Cerbo’s introduction to the Audio and Video Presentation (AVP) entitled “FRIENDS OF THE MANILA CATHEDRAL: A response to the call to preserve a spiritual, histori¬cal and cultural heritage.”

The audience applauded the AVP as it showcases the true physical state of the structure of the Manila Cathedral.

The Officers of the Friends of the Manila Cathedral were called to come up the stage together with Cardinal Rosales and Msgr. Cerbo for the induction. Msgr. Cerbo also requested those who have already signed up as members and those who gave pledges for membership to join in the induction. They made together the Oath of Service as witnessed and attested by Cardinal Rosales.

Philippines’ finest singers delighted the audience with their musical numbers. Performers were Mr. Jack Salud, Baritone and Ms. Jennifer Uy, Soprano. A special number followed when the beloved Cardinal was greeted by the singing of the birthday song and by the presentation of a birthday cake. This special number was prepared by the officers since August is the birth month of the Cardinal. As a birthday pres¬ent to His Eminence, a silver platter containing the pledges and the list of members of the Friends of Manila Cathedral was handed to him.

Finally, a sumptuous dinner was shared by everyone while the venue was filled with fine instrumental music.